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Binoculars, Torches & Thermal Imaging



Steiner Binoculars

For years, Steiner binoculars have set the standard for world-class marine binoculars. Steiner have worked closely with professional mariners and those who make their living on the water, as well as recreational boaters, fishing guides and day sailors. As a result, Steiner binoculars are unequalled in technology, precision, ruggedness, innovation and functionality. This guarantees the best quality and performance.

Large Light Grasp

Marine Binoculars typically have a large Light Grasp. This is a term used to describe the amount of light that can enter an objective lens at any instant in time and is determined by the size of the lens. The larger the objective, the greater the light grasp and the brighter the image. To a point, this means the bigger. However, realities of weight, cost and inconvenience set in quickly in binoculars having objectives larger than 50 millimeters.

7x Magnification

Optimal magnification for marine use is 7x. Any larger would cause image brightness and field of view to decrease, as well as make objects harder to find and keep centered as motion becomes more pronounced and image degrading atmospheric disturbances are accentuated.

With this in mind, all our Marine Binoculars are 7x50 and we stock a range of Weems & Plath and Steiner Binoculars, available with or without compasses.

Olight Torches

Olight Torches Use the latest LED technology to deliver unrivalled results.

Flir Thermal Imaging


Olight Omni-Dok Charger
Olight Torch
Olight M18 Maverick Striker
Olight Torch
Olight SR Mini
Olight Torch
Olight SR52 Intimidator
Olight Torch
Olight R40 Seeker
Olight Torch
Olight SR96
Olight Torch
Olight ST25 Baton
Olight Torch
O'pen (Smart LED Penlight)
Olight Torch
Olight H15S Wave Rechargeable Headlight
Olight Torch
Olight M22 Warrior
Olight Torch
Olight S15 Baton
Olight Torch
Olight T25-G2-R5
Olight Torch