ADMIRALTY Celestial Navigation (Astro Navigation) Publications

Her Majesty's Nautical Almanac Office

The Nautical Almanac contains tabulations of the Sun, Moon navigational planets and stars for use in the determination of position at sea from sextant observations. In addition, it gives times of sunrise, sunset, twilights, moonrise and moonset, phases of the Moon and eclipses of the Sun and Moon for use in the planning of observations. All the necessary interpolation and altitude correction tables are provided as well as pole star tables and diagrams and notes for the identification of stars and planets. Information on standard times for most countries around the world is provided. A concise set of sight reduction tables and sight reduction form are also included.

These publications are produced by the UKHO in conjunction with HM Nautical Almanac Office.

The Office produces astronomical data suitable for a wide range of users, including professional and amateur astronomers, mariners, aviators, surveyors, the Armed Forces, the Police, lawyers, religious groups, architects, schools, diary and calendar manufacturers, photographers and film crews. In fact, anyone requiring astronomical information may require these publications.

HMNAO is jointly responsible for producing the annual volumes of The Astronomical Almanac, The Nautical Almanac and Astronomical Phenomena in collaboration with the US Nautical Almanac Office within the Astronomical Applications Department of the US Naval Observatory. HMNAO also produces The Star Almanac, NavPac and Compact Data, The UK Air Almanac, Rapid Sight Reduction Tables for Navigation and Planetary and Lunar Coordinates in the United Kingdom.

ADMIRALTY Astronomical Almanac 2018 Edition
ADMIRALTY Publication
ADMIRALTY Astronomical Phenomena 2018
ADMIRALTY Publication
ADMIRALTY Astronomical Phenomena 2019
ADMIRALTY Publication
NavPac and Compact Data 2016-2020 Astro-Navigation Methods and Software for PC
Celestial Navigation ADMIRALTY Publication
ADMIRALTY: The Nautical Almanac 2018 ( NP314-18 | 2018 )
ADMIRALTY Celestial Navigation Publication
ADMIRALTY: The Star Almanac for Land Surveyors ( NP321-18 | 2018 )
ADMIRALTY Celestial Navigation Publication
ADMIRALTY: Star Finder and Identifier ( NP323 | 1970 )
ADMIRALTY Celestial Navigation Publication