Delius Klasing Nautical Charts

Delius Klasing

Details of the Delius Klasing leisure charts:

  • The Delius Klasing leisure charts are possible with the help of license agreements for the official chart data from the National Hydrographic Institute
  • Handy Leisure format 60 × 42 cm
  • Each set contains a booklet with area information, waypoints, symbol legend, and for most areas with port plans, port photos and text information about the ports.
  • Extremely clear chart picture: Country yellow, dark & light blue shallow water
  • Red 2m and 3m isobath as a danger line
  • Very discreet representation of less important hazards (underwater cables, restricted lines, depth contours with high depth, etc.) for faster readability of the charts
  • All chart coverage for the Baltic Sea scale 1:300,000 with detailed charts usually at scales of 1:80 000 or 1:50 000
  • Additional detailed charts at scales between 1:50 000 and 1: 6000
  • Numbered waypoints
  • Annually updated revisions for almost all sets of charts
  • Free online correction system and additional printed correction system with colour to cover larger changes and complete replacement chart sheets
  • Also during the season, adjustments are available online
  • The included demo CD-ROM contains restricted demo versions of Delius Klasing navigation programs. The digital charts corresponding to this set of charts are not included on the demo CD.

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