NV charts are characterized by their clean, professional appearance and easy-to-distinguish colour gradiations of depth lines. nv charts are presented in a handy, user-friendly size. Our philosophy is to deliver everything in one package. The Combi Pack includes identical charts in paper and digital format, as well as a GPS-ready PC navigation software for all non US - regions.

NV charts App · the ideal free software for seamless navigation on all platforms Windows 7/8 /10 · iPad · iPhone · Android · Mac OS X.

NV charts‘ intuitive navigation app provides a dynamic navigation experience using all tools and seamless chart display so that you can navigate safely and enjoy nv charts‘ superior up-to-date cartography and geocontent. Your charts will never be obsolete or questionable. Charts data are constantly updated and reliable, and available even offline. Plus, the nv charts App will be continuously developed and updated for you.

NV-Charts Coverage


UK & France


North Sea & Norway

Baltic Sea


US East Coast

Bahamas & Cuba


FR1 NV Atlas France: Dunkerque à Cherbourg
NV-Chart Pack
FR3 NV Atlas France: St.Malo aux Sept Îles
NV-Chart Pack
FR5 NV Atlas France: Douarnenez à Lorient
NV-Chart Pack
NO2 Norge Sorlandet: Kragero to Flekkefjord
NV-Chart Pack
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