Zoom into the desired region on the map or draw a route using the drawing tool. Click on once again to clear the route.

Set filters on type and scale.

Click on button to view charts for the selected area or route. You can clear or reload charts at any time.

Click on desired chart for further details and add to cart.

Please Note: Currently only ADMIRALTY, Imray and NV-Charts are available through chart selector. Browse the Charts Category on Bookharbour for our full range of charts.

Toggle button to Draw / Clear route. Click on button to load charts containing points on the drawn route. The more the number of points the better the result.

Click on the route to make it editable / non editable.

set filters on brand and scale.

will clear the charts laid on the map.

Chart Colours

Admiralty Imray Added to cart


Toggle button to draw / clear route.
Clears charts laid on the map.
Loads charts available for selected view or route drawn.
Toggle to show / hide chart filters panel.
Opens the how to use popup window.
Will exit Chart Selector and revert back to shopping cart.

Use the lookup tool to find an address or lookup a chart if you know the chart number.