Don Street's Knots DVD

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Part Number: DVD0105

Edition: No

ISBN: 105

Publisher: Sea TV Production

Manufacturer: No

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Author: Don Street

Format: No

Author: Don Street

Learn tying knots the easy way on DVD with instructions and colorful commentary from one of the world's most experienced sailors. Don Street is a famous sailing author of instructional books and magazine articles plus popular Caribbean yachting guides and charts. Until his recent retirement, he had been sailing the Caribbean since 1953 aboard his engineless 45 foot yawl, Iolaire. In this unique and outstanding program Don teaches the knots and their applications so you know when and how to use them. He shows tying knots at normal speed and then cuts to slow motion close-ups that make it easy to follow each knot tying technique. Then Don shows how he actually uses the knots aboard. Don also teaches tying advanced knots such as the rolling hitch, fishermen's bend and tow-boat hitch. Don also instructs on heaving lines, stowing sail stops, securing halyards, plus how to coil, cleat and repair line. Very few knot tying programs go into this much detail, teaching rope handling and the more advanced knots. Shot almost entirely on deck in Martinique aboard Iolaire