Steiner Navigator Pro 7x30 Binoculars (Without Compass)

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Steiner Binoculars

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Part Number: BIN1112

Manufacturer: Steiner

Publisher: Steiner

Introduction to the world of STEINER

The professional marine binoculars for water sport enthusiasts that offer more value for their money. A precise navigational aid for day-to-day use, the new Navigator Pro binoculars from STEINER once again chart a successful course.

The compact and lightweight Navigator Pro 7x30 is an ideal companion for active water sportsman. It displays a high degree of versatility on the water and is also ideally suited for use on shore.

The tried-and-tested High-Contrast-Optics and the practical Sports-Auto-Focus

Especially tailored to marine use, the tried-and-tested High-Contrast-Optics ensure bright images with high contrast, natural true colour and large depth of field. The practical Sports-Auto-Focus makes re-focussing unnecessary: from a distance of 20 metres to infinity the image becomes increasingly sharper without the user having to correct the setting. Seeing more — better experience.

Steiner product features:

STEINER High-Contrast-Optics

STEINER’s High-Contrast-Optics give outstanding viewing whether for beginners or passionate hobby-skippers! All lenses and prisms are manufactured with precision and are specially coated. You get highcontrast, bright views with natural colour definition.

24-hour binocular

High transmittance thanks to the 50-mm objective lens and large exit pupil. With 7 power magnification; even in heavy swells, wiggle-free view round the clock.

STEINER Nitrogen-Pressure-System

Fogging up or the formation of condensation inside the binoculars is totally prevented by this high-tech solution from STEINER. Even temperature variations between -20 °C and +60 °C do not have any adverse effects on the functionality of STEINER binoculars filled with nitrogen. The 2-way-valve technology makes maintenance possible at any time even after many years of use.

Water pressure proof

All Navigator models resist water pressure down to a depth of 5 m! Special sealing technologies make it possible. No dust, no dirt and no humidity can penetrate into the binoculars. This technology protects your binoculars from external impacts.

Eyecups Cylindric-Soft

Like all eyecups by STEINER these too are made of soft, pliable and skinfriendly silicone. They can be adjusted two ways: 

  1. Cylindrical — as the classic setting variant.
  2. Folded over — for use with eyeglasses.


STEINER ClicLoc Strap Attachment

With the carefully thought-out STEINER strap attachment, the binoculars always remain firmly in the strap! The carrying strap, can, however, be released and refastened in one easy move. The comfortable strap and floating strap can be switched quickly and easily.

10 Year

10 year warranty

If you need a repair, Steiner's team of technical experts will check out your binoculars and repair them within the terms of the warranty agreement. Simply send your binoculars with your contact details.