A Guide to Managing Maintenance in Accordance with the Requirements of the ISM Code (IACS Rec 74)

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Published by Witherby-Seamanship

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Part Number: SEA4090

Edition: 2017

ISBN: 9781856097529

Publisher: Witherby-Seamanship

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Publisher: Witherby-Seamanship
ISBN: 9781856097529
Edition: 2017

This document aims to assist ship operators in meeting the requirements of the ISM Code with respect to shipboard maintenance.It provides guidance on the development and improvement of maintenance management systems by establishing the principles on which they should be based, and by identifying their fundamental elements.

The management of shipboard maintenance is often regarded as an entirely technical matter, somehow unrelated to safety and pollution prevention, and the exclusive responsibility of the technical staff. As a result, shipboard maintenance is the least-developed and weakest element in many management systems. This increases the risks to personnel, property and the environment, and can result in substantial costs arising from repairs and operational delays. It not only threatens ISM certification, but also increases the risk of port state control detentions.