Affiliate Scheme

Looking to increase your revenue whilst providing your customers with relevant and useful information? Sign up to our Affiliate Program and you can earn 10% commission on sales generated from your leads.

Key Benefits

  • 10% Commission on ALL items purchased as a result of your link
  • 90 days tracking from the initial click
  • Review the performance of each of your links
  • Request bespoke landing pages to cater for your customers
  • Quick and simple to get started

Getting Started

Getting started is simple. If you have not registered for a Bookharbour account already, you will need to complete this step first.


  1. From Your Account, apply for an affiliate account on the Affiliate Program section.
  2. Once approved, let us know the PayPal account you would like to use for payment.
  3. Use the "Promotions" tab to go straight in and get your link for a specific page on our website. Alternatively you can go to the "Recommendations" tab where we suggest some products to get you started.
  4. Share your generated link however you like! On social media, in your blog, on your website or by email.
  5. Track the success of your link on the "Reports" tab, including hits, orders, buyers, earned commission and conversion rate.
  6. Request a payout when you reach £100 of commissions.

Sign up