ADMIRALTY Chart 3905: North Eastern Approaches to Madagascar

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Printed on demand with the latest corrections applied. INT 7062

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Product Details

Part Number: 3905

Scale: 1:1058000

Publisher: UK Hydrographic Office

Manufacturer: ADMIRALTY

Author(s): UK Hydrographic Office

Edition: May-19

Printed and corrected to: date of order

Format: Printed on demand (not returnable), at least approximately 107 x 71.5cm, folded at least once. Please contact us if you would like your chart unfolded.

MPN: BA3905

International Chart Series, Indian Ocean, North Eastern Approaches to Madagascar.

11° 05´·00 S.— 21° 35´·00 S., 48° 32´·00 E .— 55° 57´·00 E

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