Boatbuilding Techniques Illustrated

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The Classic Text

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Part Number: BOA0030

Edition: 2005

ISBN: 9780713676211

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Imprint: Adlard Coles

Language: English

Author(s): Richard Birmingham

Author: No

Format: Paperback

Sound woodworking skills are essential when building a boat from scratch or just completing a hull, whether it is made of steel, aluminium, GRP or any form of wooden construction. This highly illustrated book provides help any aspiring boatbuilder decide what materials and tools to use and how to use them. Richard Birmingham's classic text covers the wide range of techniques and skills needed when constructing a boat, from interpreting the plans to hints on working different timbers. He answers many of those puzzling questions which need to be solved in a refreshingly clear and direct manner. This book will prove an invaluable reference to the home builder or newly trained apprentice in a fitting out yard.

'An authoritative work... really excellent... an essential reference and quite the best on the subject.' Yachts & Yachting

'A must for any would-be boatbuilder... a splendid book.' Classic Boat