Cost Control While You Cruise

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Cruising DVD

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Lin and Larry Pardey need little introduction to sailing readers. It has been said their books and videos launched 50,000 dreams. Kim Hampton, editor of wrote, “Lin and Larry have not only ‘done it’ they have taught the rest of us how we can too. If you ever have a chance to attend a Pardey seminar, do.” Now they have teamed up with Tory Salvia, of to present the most popular of their seminars on DVD and as an MP4 download.

Mark Pillsbury, editor of Cruising World stated, “Lin and Larry are at it again. Their new video, “Cost Control,” entices you in with answers to that age-old question, “What does it cost to go cruising?” And then they fill your head with all sorts of notions about seamanship, maintenance, provisioning, living aboard and a boatload of other aspects of the voyaging life. To make sure you get your money’s worth; they’ve also included stunning sailing footage, glorious landfalls, gorgeous boats, and “interludes” featuring friends playing sea tunes. Then just when they’ve told you how to save on every aspect of your trip, they turn around and show you how to spend wisely and have fun. Very informative. Very entertaining.”

In addition to the 70 minute feature, there are more than 25 minutes of extras including a practical demonstration of choosing fresh produce that will last as you voyage across oceans. This program also comes with a money back guarantee. If you do not find at least one idea that will save you the cost of purchase, your money will be refunded.