Cruising Has No Limits Dvd

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Cruising Has No Limits Dvd

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Skimming before caressing tradewinds, savoring NO LIMITS tropical landfalls, evading stormy seas—such is the image of the cruising life under sail. It is all this, but it can be so much more. Join Lin and Larry Pardey at their New Zealand home base as they recount some of their most memorable adventures during more than 30 years of cruising. Sail with them across the Indian Ocean on board 29-foot, 9-inch Taleisin.Learn how they planned and executed a sevenmonth “Champagne Safari on a Beer Budget,” outfi tting a 4X4 to reach remote corners of southern Africa. Share their memories of campfi re evenings with Kalahari Bushmen, life in a sculptors’ commune in Zimbabwe’s northern reaches, and days of animal-watching at waterholes far from game reserves. Then voyage onward with them to Brazil, and see how two 14-year-old passengers led them into a unique, eight-month-long island encounter with nine Brazilian families who dreamed of their own off shore adventures. Finally, sail north through the Atlantic to Ireland’s music-filled shores and a summer of history, classic sailing, and friendship. Along the way, you’ll learn some of the truisms that could help you get out adventuring sooner and more enjoyably—whether on the water or on land. You’ll also come to know more about this longtime cruising couple who have been dubbed “the enablers” because of their enthusiasm and willingness to share their secrets for exploring the far corners of the world on a limited budget.