Emergency First Aid

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Step-by-Step Guide. Take the Right Action, First Time - Every Time. Waterproof & Tear Resistant

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Part Number: MED0002

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ISBN: 9781919672038

Publisher: Dah-di-Dah

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Publisher: Dah-di-Dah
ISBN: 9781919672038



Emergency situations require immediate and affirmative action. For those of you who are First Aid At Work qualified, doing a 3 yearly re-qualification or indeed an annual update may not be enough. You will need to remain competent, that means regular revision. In the UK a First Aider is protected by the law of the "Good Samaritan". There may not be the same protection corporately or as an individual if you are employed to provide emergency medical cover in the workplace. You should be trained and remain competent.

In addition: Many individuals will never have experienced the overwhelming emotional impact that dealing with a real emergncy can have. Manuals aren't designed for use during an emergency, but this little book is.

This book is intended to help you focus, to assist you in making a rapid diagnosis and to quickly help guide you to the correct life saving action. So that if you panic, or can't quite remember or work out what to do, this book will help unblock your knowledge.../p>

AT SEA. ON A MOUNTAIN. AT WORK or IN THE HOME This book will guide you Step-by-Step to carry out the correct action First-Time Every-Time...