High Latitude Sailing

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Self-sufficient sailing techniques for cold waters and winter seasons

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Part Number: SLG0514

Edition: 2020

ISBN: 9781472973276

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Imprint: Adlard Coles

Language: English

Author(s): Bob Shepton, Jon Amtrup

Author: No

Format: Hardback

Sailing in cold waters is challenging, but hugely rewarding. And when you venture into the high latitudes you find yourself in some of the world's last real wildernesses. In recent years climate change has made these regions more accessible to small boats, and it is now possible to venture further afield in search of adventure.

With practical advice, stunning photography and first-hand accounts of voyages from world-renowned experts, this book offers hard-won wisdom on all aspects of sailing in cold waters:

  • Preparing yourself: good routines, assessing risk and preparing your crew
  • Preparing your boat: design, heating, engine, steering, anchors and electrics
  • Sailing in ice: instrumentation, charts, and what to do when you get stuck
  • Safety: MOB, polar bears, glaciers and dinghy procedure
  • Communication: VHF, satellite and SSB
  • Weather: interpreting GRIB files and reading ice charts
  • Anchoring and mooring: types and numbers of anchors and mooring lines
  • Clothes: hiking and skiwear; the three-layer principle
  • Cruising areas: Svalbard, Antarctica, South Georgia and many more

Whether it's tackling the North-West Passage aboard your own yacht or a more modest voyage, heading to Antarctica or keeping your boat in the water for the quieter and often more beautiful winter season, this book is essential reading for all sailors preparing for enjoyable and safe sailing in cold waters.