NAVIONICS Boating App - English User Manual

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Product Details

Part Number: NAV0001

Edition: 2023

Printed and corrected to: No

ISBN: 9783982233598

Publisher: Saar Verlag

Language: English

Author(s): H.-Michael Saar

Author: No

Format: Spiralbound

Navionics is certainly the best-known name among recreational captains. Navionics supplies the digital nautical charts for a large number of plotter manufacturers. So it made sense to create an app for the two operating systems "iOS" from Apple and "Android" from Google, a navigation programme of its own for all areas of recreational navigation. The English manual for "Navionics Boating" app, illustrated with over 400 colour screenshots, describes in detail all functions on iPad, iPhone or many Android devices. With "Navionics Boating" you are choosing one of the best GPS navigation programmes for recreational boating. Navionics Boating is one of the easiest and most innovative apps of its kind to use. The English manual for the "Navionics Boating" app is the only manual in English and the ideal companion for anyone who wants to get to know and master all the functions. All functions and their operation are described accurately and carefully in the manual. Every function and every control element is not only described, but also illustrated on colour screen shots. Since the display and operation on tablet and SmartPhone sometimes differ significantly, the details are explained for both devices side by side. This way you can learn how to operate any function in no time at all, regardless of which device you use. Of course, it is also an excellent reference if you want to refresh your knowledge after a longer break or need to change settings that are only changed very rarely. Thanks to the practical spiral binding in A5 landscape format, you can fold it over completely and place it on the table even when space is tight and have both hands free to operate the app. A particular advantage of the spiral binding is also that the risk of the pages being turned undesirably by wind, for example, is reduced to an absolute minimum.