Ropework, Knots And Splices Dvd

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Tom Cunliffe Ropework, Knots And Splices Dvd

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Part Number: DVD0120

Edition: No

ISBN: 120

Publisher: Summersdale Publishers

Manufacturer: No

Scale: No

Author: Tom Cunliffe

Format: DVD (PAL)

Author: Tom Cunliffe
Running Time: Approx 95 Mins

A sailor's worst nightmare is forgetting which knot to use or how to make it when the pressure?s on. In this comprehensive DVD, shot aboard his own boat, Tom Cunliffe unravels all the everyday knots in the modern seaman?s folio and throws in one or two rarer birds to add to the fun. Expert rigger Peter Martin unveils the mysteries of splicing. The DVD features; Everything today's sailor needs to know about rope, State of the art and traditional techniques, Bowlines, sheet bends and Stopper knots, Turns and hitches, Coiling and Stowing, Light lines and hefty ropes, Securing to posts and winch barrels, The use and abuse of jammers, Whipping and splicing, Docklines and how to secure them.

Tom Cunliffe

Tom Cunliffe is Britain’s leading sailing writer. A worldwide authority on cruising instruction and an expert on traditional sailing craft, he learned his sextant skills during numerous ocean passages, many in simple boats without engines or electronics, voyaging from Brazil to Greenland and from the Caribbean to Russia. He is the author of the yachtsman’s guide to the English Channel.

Tom’s nautical career has seen him serve as mate on a merchant ship, captain on gentleman’s yachts and skipper of racing craft. His private passion is classic sailing boats and he has owned a series of traditional gaff-rigged vessels that have taken him and his family on countless adventures from tropical rainforests to frozen fjords.

Tom has been a Yachtmaster Examiner since 1978 and has a gift for sharing his knowledge with good humour and an endless supply of tales of the sea.

He also has monthly columns in Sailing Today, Classic Boat, Yachting World and SAIL (US) magazines. He wrote and presented the BBC TV series, ‘The Boats That Built Britain’ and the popular ‘Boatyard’ series.