Steiner Cobra 8X42

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Steiner Binoculars

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Part Number: BIN4016

Manufacturer: Steiner

Publisher: No

With Cobra, you will find widlife like never before. The innovative STEINER Dynamic-Contrast-Coating enhances the contrast between wildlife and its natural habitat. Despite being able to camouflage itself effectively in woods or leafy environments, wildlife will be easier to spot.

With this capability, you will always be one decisive step ahead of nature.

Perfectly camouflaged and still spotted immediately: thanks to the unique contrast enhancement feature of STEINER Dynamic-Contrast-Coating, animals have no chance to hide.

Dynamic-Contrast-Coating helps you spot hidden wildlife by blocking the colors of haze and foliage, enhancing the visibility of other wildlife colors like brown or red. It enhances the contrast of animal bodies to be silhouetted against their surroundings. Game and wildlife pops out of background bushes, trees and shade.

With STEINER Cobra binoculars you simply see more!