The Sailor's Sin Bin

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Cruisers Confess to their Boating Blunders

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Part Number: HIS5272

Edition: 2022

ISBN: 9781399402873

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Imprint: Adlard Coles

Language: English

Author(s): Theo Stocker

Author: No

Format: Paperback

A new collection of sailors' brilliantly funny, real-life blunders, from the pages of Yachting Monthly.

The book compiles the best of the short real-life confessions from sailors from Yachting Monthly's Confessions feature, many of them illustrated by original cartoons. These cautionary tales are arranged into themed chapters, for the amusement and edification of readers.

Worse things happen at sea, so the saying goes. This book relates the embarrassing blunders and shameful shenanigans of real sailors to whom the worst did happen. Even in a world of satellite navigation and social media, shipwrecks, collisions, getting stuck in the toilet and cases of mistaken identity can and do happen. They remain hidden until the skipper can bear the guilt no longer and must unburden their souls. The resulting stories are outrageously funny, while allowing the rest of us to thank our stars it wasn't us and to learn from others' mistakes.

The Yachting Monthly Confessional has been offering absolution for almost half a century. This hilarious collection is the cream of the crop from the last few years, illustrated by the brilliant cartoons of Bill Caldwell, and deserves a place on every sailor's bookshelf as the definitive guide of what not to do at sea!

Table of Contents

Ch 1 - Rookie mistakes - Errors made by beginners
Ch 2 - Get me out of here - It's amazing how many places sailors find to get themselves stuck
Ch 3 - Looking for love - When trying to impress does the opposite
Ch 4 - Pomp and circumstance - Inflated egos get popped quickly at sea
Ch 5 - The cover of darkness - Embarrassing episodes the night can't hide
Ch 6 - All at sea - Navigational nonsense that could happen to anyone