ADMIRALTY Chart 2816: Baltic Sea, Southern Sheet

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Baltic Sea, Southern Sheet

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Product Details

Part Number: 2816

Scale: 1:750000

Publisher: UK Hydrographic Office

Manufacturer: ADMIRALTY

Author: UK Hydrographic Office

Edition: Apr-21

Printed and corrected to: date of order

Format: Printed on demand (not returnable), at least approximately 107 x 71.5cm, folded at least once. Please contact us if you would like your chart unfolded.

Language: English

Baltic Sea, Southern Sheet

Scale 1:750,000

Includes changes to the IMO-adopted Traffic Separation Scheme ‘Słupska bank’ as follows: includes new limits to “TSS Słupska Bank East” and changes to “TSS Słupska Bank Central”. Also includes changes to buoyage and depths.

The routeing information and associated buoyage shown on this chart incorporates the changes scheduled for implementation at 0000 UTC 1st June 2021. The previous edition of this chart should continue to be used until these changes are implemented.

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