ADMIRALTY Chart 902: Kobenhavns Havn

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Product Details

Part Number: 0902

Scale: 1:2(Plans)

Publisher: UK Hydrographic Office

Manufacturer: ADMIRALTY

Author(s): UK Hydrographic Office

Edition: Feb-24

Printed and corrected to: date of order

Format: Printed on demand (not returnable), at least approximately 107 x 71.5cm, folded at least once. Please contact us if you would like your chart unfolded.

Language: English

MPN: BA902

International Chart Series, The Sound - Denmark, Københavns Havn. A Northern Part. 1:10,000 B Southern Part. 1:20,000 C Inderhavnsbroen Passage Span. 1:3,500 D Knippelsbros Passage Span. 1:2,000 E Langebro Og lille Langebro Passage Span. 1:3,000 55° 40´·19N. —55° 40´·29N., 12° 34´·65E. — 12° 34´·88E. F Bryggebroens Passage Spans.1:3,000 G Kalvebodbroens Passage Spans.1:3,000 H Slusen Og Sjællandsbroens Passage Span.1:3,000 I Teglværkbroens Passage Span. 1:1,500 J Avedøreværket. 1:14,000 Includes changes to bridges and depths. The limits of plan E have been revised to provide improved coverage. (A modified reproduction of INT1334 published by Denmark.) Note: This chart is to be deleted from the list of charts affected by Notice 3957(P)/18. This chart remains affected by Notice 3340(T)/18, 3341(T)/18.