ADMIRALTY Chart IN260: Kochi to Kanniyākumāri (Cape Comorin)

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Latest edition India - West Coast ADMIRALTY Chart, printed with all NMs corrections applied.

Scale - 1:300,000

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Product Details

Part Number: IN0260

Scale: 1:300000

Publisher: UK Hydrographic Office

Manufacturer: ADMIRALTY

Author: UK Hydrographic Office

Edition: Feb-22

Printed and corrected to: date of order

Format: Printed on demand (not returnable), at least approximately 107 x 71.5cm, folded at least once. Please contact us if you would like your chart unfolded.

International Chart Series, India - West Coast, Kochi to Kanniyākumāri (Cape Comorin).

A new chart replacement for Chart 1566, providing improved coverage of the west coast of India. (A modified reproduction of INT7362 published by India.) This chart is included in the International Chart Series

Scale 1:300000

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