CCA Cruising Guide to Labrador

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Written and illustrated by experienced ocean sailors who have been there. Details for 200+ harbours. Chartlets and sketch charts for most harbours. Free online updates.

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Part Number: PILLABR

Edition: 2019

ISBN: 9781734086331

Publisher: No

Author: No

Format: Paperback

What Makes Labrador Such A Special Place To Cruise?

It is remote -- dramatic, rugged, stunning scenery; well protected harbors and anchorages; icebergs: polar and black bear; caribou; birds; whales, and dolphins. It stretches hundreds of miles from the Quebec shore, to the Belle Isle Strait, to the Inuit coast of Nunatsiavut, where the landscape becomes more and more rugged and dramatic. The sense of being alone and self-reliant is ever more present.

What Makes This CCA Guide Worth Having Aboard?

It includes details and chartlets for over 200 harbors. It covers all parts of the coast. It is filled with useful facts and recommendations gleaned from 70 years of continuous publishing and regular updates. It is available only in this printed book format.