Charlie's Charts: North to Alaska

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United States Pilot Book by Charles and Margo Wood

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Product Details

Part Number: PIL0018

Edition: 2008

ISBN: 9780968637051

Publisher: Charlie's Charts

Author: Charles and Margo Wood

Format: Paperback

This cruising guide provides navigation information for a boater departing from Victoria and traveling along the British Columbia and Southeast Alaskan coasts following the protected waters of the Inside Passage to Glacier Bay, Alaska.

It is divided into eight sections with full-color photographs and a sketched chart indicating marinas or anchorages where a cruising boat can find moorage as it travels along the coast. Each location has a detailed sketch and description of a safe approach, recommended anchorages and shore facilities. Crucial portions such as the transit of passes and the passage of Cape Caution are given particular attention with guidelines for timing and recommended routes.

A customized weather map provides excellent information. For cruisers unable to make the entire trip to Alaska shorter trips to spectacular areas on the coast are described such as to Princess Louisa Inlet, Desolation Sound, Broughton Archipelago, Fiordland Recreation Area, Kitimat and the Kitlope.

Features of this guide include:

  • Overview planning chart of the Gulf Islands
  • Overview planning chart of Broughton Archipelago to Drury Inlet and Minstrel Island
  • Fuel facilities seen at a glance on every "chart" F
  • Pump-out stations identified on every "chart" P
  • Updated marina websites, email addresses, telephone and fax numbers
  • Where are the artificial reefs? What is the story of the sunken vessels? Where is the sunken Boeing 737? It's here!
  • Expanded US weather information including "Dial-a-buoy" website
  • What is the fascinating story of the two Metlakatlas? It's here!
  • Complete update of all facilities from Victoria to Glacier Bay
  • The "Whale Trail" that orcas follow on their way to Robson Bight
  • The same "user-friendly" and practical approach to safe boating on this spectacular coast illustrated with beautiful color photographs and sea-view landscape profile sketches.