Disposable Fuel Cell (6-Pack)

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Disposable Fuel Cell (6-Pack)

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Product Details

Part Number: LAM0119A

Manufacturer: Weems & Plath

Publisher: No

EAN: 721002001580

MPN: HD17-6

This 6 pack of disposable lamp fuel cells are for use with the brass and glass oil Companion Lamp (818). Fuel cells can also be purchased individually (HD-17).

Our exclusive blend of highly refined liquid waxes is formulated to standards far above other lamp oils. Odorless and smokeless when used as directed, this is the cleanest burning lamp fuel available. The fuel in this convenient disposable lamp fuel cell eliminates sooty build-up commonly associated with kerosene fuel.

  • Very safe, with a flash point over 2008F (93.38C)
  • Not considered a hazardous material by most shipping agents

Weight: 14.4 oz (0.426 liters)