Marine VHF Radio Simulator

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Marine VHF Radio Simulator

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Part Number: RAR0083

Edition: No

ISBN: 9789638794925

Publisher: Mercator Publishing

Author: No

Format: No

This software simulates a marine VHF radio with integrated Digital Selective Calling (DSC) controller according to the latest ITU Radio Regulations and Recommendations relevant to yachts and small boats. Transmits and receives routine calls as well as distress alerts, safety and urgency announcements, which cannot be practised on board of your ship, directly on your PC.

This simulator provides actual hands-on practice to communicate at sea, not only by DSC calls, but also by voice messages.

Your own voice message is transmitted to other stations and could be replayed so to check its correctness and its intelligibility.

To practise communications in standard maritime English of the IMO, you receive “Mayday”, “Pan Pan” and “Sécurité” calls from other station in the navigational area.