MOB Lifesaver

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Part Number: SAF0005

Manufacturer: No

The one thing that concerns sailors is how to get a man in the water back on board if he can't help himself. Attaching him to the boat while we set up a retrieval rig is key. But on yachts we can't reach down to get a line onto him and even on motorboats with bathing platforms it is very difficult to grab and keep hold of the casualty.

The answer? MOB Lifesavers. We don't go down to the MOB, he comes up to us.

An MOB Lifesaver attaches to the lifting loop/becket in a lifejacket. When the lifejacket inflates the Lifesaver floats out onto the water and is easy for the rescuer to grab with the boathook. They can then secure the MOB to the boat while they set up their retrieval rig.

FLOATS - out when the jacket inflates
SIMPLE - grab the Lifesaver with the boathook and attach the man to the boat
STRONG - Hi-Vis line will lift over 1 ton!

The simple answer to MOB retrieval. Your life could depend on a Lifesaver

MOB Lifesavers are endorsed by Hamble Lifeboat. A contribution from every MOB Lifesaver pack sold goes to Hamble Lifeboat to thank them for their help & support.