Singlehand (Sam Llewellyn)

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The sea off the west coast of Scotland is a dangerous place...

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Part Number: FIC2011

Edition: 2018

ISBN: 9780992768843

Publisher: New Hat

Manufacturer: No

Scale: No

Author: Sam Llewellyn

Format: Paperback

'For excitement, elegance and sheer virtuosity, Llewellyn's books sail rings round the competition' Literary Review

'A new Llewellyn thriller is a cause for celebration... for lovers of his writing style and humour there are treats in every paragraph. I read it twice.'  Yachting Monthly

Sam Llewellyn is Britain's favourite writer of marine thrillers. Singlehand, his first new book for seven years, is just published and available only from His early books have been translated into twelve languages and continue to be big sellers.

Singlehand is the second of two mysteries set on (and off) the west coasts of Britain, featuring the Olympic sailor, reprobate and occasional yacht broker Gavin Chance. The first of the two, Black Fish, is a nail-biting yarn of skulduggery by land and sea, complicated by Gavin's thirst for spirits.

In Singlehand Gavin has given up whisky. It is therefore unfortunate that he finds himself in possession of a shipload of the stuff, all of it stolen, pursued by the police forces of two countries and some deeply horrible Russians through a range of difficulties including kidnap, murder, storm and shipwreck. Will he sail free of this lot? One thing is for sure: if he does, he is going to get very wet in the process. Singlehand is a great read, firmly in the ever-popular Llewellyn tradition.

About Sam Llewellyn

Sam Llewellyn - One of Britain's Great Storytellers.

Sam Llewellyn was born on Tresco, Isles of Scilly, thirty miles west of Land’s End, Britain’s southwesternmost point. He was brought up between the coast road and the sea in North Norfolk.

He is married to the prizewinning Canadian children’s author Karen Wallace. They live in a medieval farmhouse in Herefordshire, England’s wildest and most beautiful county. He owns an electric bike, a fifty-year-old guitar, and several boats, in which he spends months every year sailing in the North Atlantic. He believes that telling stories is the summit of human achievement, and that the existence of humanity on Earth is a story, and that the story deserves a happy ending.

Since 2010 he has been the Editor of the Marine Quarterly, a journal of the sea. The object of the MQ is to print stories and articles about the sea as it is seen from the sea, and the parts of the land visible from the sea.

He writes a novel most years. He also writes for the Daily Telegraph, is a columnist for Practical Boat Owner, Classic Boat, Hortus and Broad Sheep magazines and the RYA website, and is a sought-after public speaker.