FR 3: NV.Atlas France: St. Malo aux Sept Îles

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This atlas contains a download code for all charts in this area to be used with the nv chart app. The app is compatible with Apple: iOS/MacOSX, Android & Windows: 7/8/10.

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Product Details

Part Number: YOT0006FR3

Scale: 1:1(Various)

ISBN: 9783945902233

Publisher: NV Charts

Manufacturer: NV Charts

Author: NV Charts

Edition: 2021

Printed and corrected to: edition date

Format: Combipack - Paper / Download and app

Language: English, French

NV charts for the French Atlantic coast are based on official data of the French Hydrographic Office SHOM. They include numerous details for harbours and approaches, passages and anchorages of the given area, extra details for rivers and channels, as well as bridge clearances, opening times, notes and warnings for the given waters. Buoys and marks are shown according to the international IHO regulations. The clear structure makes finding harbour details or anchorages a matter of seconds. In this way the mariner gets quick access to all important navigational information. All information is also shown in the nv charts App. The cartography captivates through ideal scales and well-chosen sheet cuts.

Passage Charts - Cartes Hauturières

C1 France · Atlantique 1: 1.750.000
C2 Bretagne · Ouest 1: 350.000
C3 Normandie · Ouest 1: 350.000

Coastal Charts - Cartes Côtières

C4 Les Sept Iles à St.Quay-Portrieux 1: 150.000
C5 Grand Léjon au Cap Fréhel · Jersey 1: 150.000
C6 Cap Fréhel à Jersey 1: 150.000
C7 Ile Grande à l‘Ile Tomé 1: 45.000
C8 Ile Tomé aux Héaux-de-Bréhat 1: 45.000
C9 Les Héaux-de-Bréhat à L’Ost Pic 1: 45.000
C10 L’Ost Pic à la Pte. de Pordic 1: 45.000
C11 Pte. de Pordic au Cap d’Erquy 1: 45.000
C12 Cap d‘Erquy à St. Cast 1: 45.000
C13 St. Cast à la Pte. du Meinga · St. Malo 1: 45.000


C14A Paimpol 1: 10.000
C14B Lézardrieux 1: 10.000
C14C Anse de Perros 1: 20.000
C14D Ploumanac‘h 1: 10.000
C15 Le Jaudy ·Tréguier 1: 20.000
C16 Ile de Bréhat 1: 20.000
C17A Portrieux 1: 25.000
C17B Binic 1: 10.000
C17C St. Brieuc 1: 10.000
C18A Dahouët 1: 10.000
C18B Erquy 1: 10.000
C19 St.Cast le Guildo à St.Briac sur Mer 1: 20.000
C20 St. Malo 1: 20.000
C21 La Rance 1: 20.000

General Notes p.22
Légende · Legend p.22
Tidel Stream Tables · Distances p.22