The Adlard Coles Book of Mediterranean Cruising

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The perfect companion for anyone who wants to cruise the Mediterranean, whether on their own yacht or chartering.

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Part Number: CRU0138

Edition: 2023

Printed and corrected to: No

ISBN: 9781472951236

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Imprint: Adlard Coles

Language: English

Author(s): Rod Heikell

Author: No

Format: Paperback

The Mediterranean is the dream destination for many chartering a yacht as well as long-distance cruisers. Its myriad delights – the beautiful coastlines, the remote islands, the sleepy villages and exciting cities – draw boaters from all over the world.

Rod Heikell is the undisputed expert on Mediterranean sailing and the Adlard Coles Book of Mediterranean Cruising is the complete guide for anyone cruising in the area. Thoroughly updated for this fifth edition, the book conveys the magic of Mediterranean cruising, as well as giving practical, first-hand advice on sailing these enticing waters.

Although the Mediterranean provides wonderfully diverse cruising opportunities, it can also deliver a few surprises to the unwary. This invaluable handbook provides sound advice on everything you need to know: anchoring and berthing; what weather to expect; facilities and the costs of keeping a boat there; as well as advice on navigation, popular routes, formalities and what to expect ashore. Each country around the Mediterranean is covered, and there is even a handy section on how to cruise the area on a tight budget.

Rod Heikell

Rod Heikell was born in New Zealand and sailed hesitantly around bits of its coast in a variety of yachts. He tried racing in the Hauraki Gulf but was really not much good at it. In England he abandoned academic life and for no good reason other than curiosity bought Roulette, a 1950s plywood JOG yacht nearly 20ft long, and sailed it down to the Mediterranean. He worked on charter her and delivered yachts until, in ignorance of the scale of the task, he set off to write a yachtsman's guide to Greece. This was followed by guides for other countries in the Mediterranean. He has sailed back and forth between England and the Mediterranean, including a trip down the Danube and on to Turkey in Rosinante, an 18ft Mirror Offshore. In 1996 he took his forth yacht, Tetra, to SE Asia and back for the research for Indian Ocean Cruising Guide. Apart from sailing the 'wrong' way and back again the 'right' way across the Indian Ocean, he has done four transatlantics on his own yachts and also cruised extensively in other parts of the world on other yachts. He is currently back at the end of a circumnavigationand sailing again in his beloved Mediterranean.