Your First Channel Crossing

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Planning, Preparing and Executing a Successful Passage, for Sail and Power

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Part Number: PIL0712

Edition: 2013

ISBN: 9781408100127

Publisher: Bloomsbury

Manufacturer: No

Scale: No

Author: Andy Du Port

Format: Paperback

After day sailing, the next step for the adventurous yachtsman or motorboater is their first open sea crossing, and for many that invariably entails crossing the English Channel. This invaluable guide walks the first timer through their first Channel crossing step by step, tackling all the aspects that have to be taken into account before embarking, as well as managing on the trip, in the order in which they will be encountered. The trip is eminently achievable given good planning, reasonably competent crew and a working knowledge of navigation, and this essential handbook shows how to apply knowledge and skills to crossing the Channel in a safe and enjoyable way - for all concerned.

Aspects covered include:

  • Preplanning: navigation, tides, weather, timing, course setting, bolt holes, collision regs, boat preparations, etc
  • Provisioning for all conditions
  • Weather on the day
  • Crew briefing (safety, watches, etc)
  • Grab bag, flares, etc

Packed with instructional photos, facts and advice, this handholding book is perfect for anyone thinking of attempting a Channel crossing, whether by sail or power. Encouraging, engaging and practical, by covering each stage in precisely the amount of detail required for the first-timer, it is like having an instructor or mentor on board.