NV.Atlas Serie 3: Samsø, Sund & Kattegat

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This atlas contains a download code for all charts in this area to be used with the nv chart app. The app is compatible with Apple: iOS/MacOSX, Android & Windows: 7/8/10.

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Product Details

Part Number: YOT0006DE3

Scale: 1:1(Various)

ISBN: 9783932414947

Publisher: NV Charts

Manufacturer: NV Charts

Author: NV Charts

Edition: 2021

Printed and corrected to: edition date

Format: Combipack - Paper / Download and app

Language: English, German

nv charts for the Baltic are based on German HO data (BSH). They include numerous harbour details, approaches and anchorages. The cartography captivates through ideal scales and well-chosen sheet cuts. All informations shown in the nv charts App.

• 4 Passage Charts
• 12 Coastal Charts & Details
• Harbour Pilot Book
• Currents for digital charts
• nv charts App Code

nv charts for the Baltic and German North Sea are published annually and are updated monthly from April to October in paper and digital format by our nv charts monthly update service, named MBS. Chart updates for nv charts App